There was a time when I made and exhibited photographs. Other priorities meant the endeavour came to a close, perhaps temporarily. In any event, here is a small selection.
Uluru Waterfall - Mutitjulu Waterhole - Horizontal

Mutitjulu Waterhole, Uluru (Australia)

Kata Tjuta 03b - View down Valley 2.jpg

Kata Tjuta (Australia)

Ancient Rata.jpg

Rata, Te Uruwera (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Aro Valley Reserve 01 - Bridges.jpg

Aro Valley (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Moeraki Boulders

Moeraki (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Pakawau Tidal Flats - Shells

Pakawau (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Paponga Farm Park

Paponga (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Pukeko Nest

Pukeko Nest (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Queenstown Somewhere 02

Queenstown (Aotearoa New Zealand)


Queenstown (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Richmond Tidal Flats

Richmond (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Seagull Colony and Chicks

Seagulls (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Whirinaki Pair of Trees

Whirinaki (Aotearoa New Zealand)


[All photographs were made on film using a 5×4″ or 6x6cm camera]