nr-at-vuw-02-bnwI’m an experienced leader, manager, and researcher, and am admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

My principle qualifications are the PhD in public international law that I’m currently completing, plus degrees in Law and Environmental Science.

I have previously worked for independent barristers, central and local government, the non-governmental sector, and Victoria University of Wellington.

I was originally educated and trained as an ecologist in New South Wales, then soon moved into climate change mitigation projects in local government in Queensland. In 2004, I began training local and regional councils in New Zealand on how to conduct emissions inventories and devise climate change mitigation plans. That led to becoming the manager of the New Zealand Government’s programme to promote solar water heating, and then its large-scale renewable electricity programme.

My research focus at VUW combines environmental science, policy and international law. I’m exploring issues arising from the relocation of peoples from low-lying countries that are existentially challenged by climate change. My primary concern is how the relocation enterprise can be arranged in a way that it enables continuing enjoyment of the right to self-determination, both de jure and de facto; and shifting the narrative away from migration-based ideas that are analogous to lifestyle and economic migration, and that will ultimately result in the loss of cultures and languages.

Lecturing has been on climate change science, policy, and case law,  as well as the implications of climate change for international peace and security.

In addition to my principal qualifications, I’ve undertaken numerous training programmes on leadership and management, plus “train the trainer” courses. I also have a Diploma in Photography.