nr-at-vuw-02-bnwI’m an experienced leader, manager, and researcher, and am admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

My principle qualifications are the PhD in public international law that I’m currently completing, plus degrees in Law and Environmental Science. I also have a Diploma in Photography, and certificates in management, project management, and ‘train the trainer’.

My doctoral research combines environmental science, ethics, policy and international law. I am exploring issues arising in the possible scenario of en masse cross-border migration of peoples from low-lying countries that are particularly challenged by climate change. My primary concern is how the relocation enterprise can be arranged in a way that it enables continuing enjoyment of the right to self-determination, both de jure and de facto; and shifting the narrative away from migration-based ideas that are analogous to lifestyle and economic migration, but risk the loss of cultures and languages.